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Jyosi jyosiJyosi jyosi 

To get the list of duplicate key in the map

for(Sample_Line SampleLineitem:List_SampleLineItemQuery)

​​In RejectionSampleLineItem it may contian duplicates Product__c so i will be  missing one key

​ for(Inventory__c Inv :Rejection_InvAdjustment)
                             MN =
when i get the items because the line number is not present in the map it wont pull the value and it stamps to different line number
                             system.debug('MN Value ====== 511   '+MN);                           


Is there anyway i can get all the duplicate ids of products.


Ashok N
so, instead of having a map<SampleLineItem.Product__c,SampleLineItem.Line_Number__c>, you need a map of Map<SampleLineItem.Product__c,list<SampleLineItem.Line_Number__c>>
Jyosi jyosiJyosi jyosi
but the Map<SampleLineItem.Product__c,list<SampleLineItem.Line_Number__c>> i have the duplicate products id ,but they have diffrent line number .When i keep the debug i will missing one pair .


No - if you have data that looks like this...

Product__c      Line_Number__c
A                       1
A                       2

Then you would have a map that looks lke this...

For for each Duplicate product - you would have multiple Line Numbers.

Make sense?
Jyosi jyosiJyosi jyosi
Thanks you
But when i excute code
 Map<ID,List<Double>> Map_RejectionSampleLineItem= new Map<ID,List<Double>>();

01t4B0000017JMFQA2=(6.0) and 4 share the same Id ,But i am not able not able to get the 4 reference.

{01t4B0000017JMBQA2=(2.0), 01t4B0000017JMFQA2=(6.0), 01t50000002asuaAAA=(3.0), 01t50000002asvkAAA=(5.0), 01t50000002aswyAAA=(1.0)}

Can you please help me out how to fix this .

Thanks for help.