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Puneet KhoslaPuneet Khosla 

Http request from browser works fine but not from apex

I have a http request (to an external system) which is returning a valid json response when I put it in browser, but when I try to use the http request from code, it doesn't work.

It further looks that when it returns, its actually taking to the salesforce Remote Authorization page, thus causing a redirect.

Is there are way to proceed further when this Redirect Authorization page is coming in apex or what do I need to pass in the http request (I added the Header Authorization : 'OAuth' + UserSessionid in the request from salesforce to the api.

Debug statement of Response.getBody();
if (this.SfdcApp && this.SfdcApp.projectOneNavigator) { SfdcApp.projectOneNavigator.handleRedirect('https://test.salesforce.com/?ec=302&startURL=%2Fsetup%2Fsecur%2FRemoteAccessAuthorizationPage.apexp%3Fsource%3Dsdjfnsdjkfbjsdfbsdbfsdjhbfhsdbf'); }  else
if (window.location.replace){ 
Has the endpoint been added under the remote site settings, for the HTTP request end point?
Puneet KhoslaPuneet Khosla
Yes it's already added.
Ok, can you give me a bit of background of what is your requirement, perhaps I would be able to suggest something.
Puneet KhoslaPuneet Khosla
Requirement is 

I am calling php service from apex using http request.
I am giving the end point, parameters, etc.

When I initiate the http request from apex, it calls the php service.
php service tries to authenticate from salesforce (for a genuine request) and thus sends the request to get authorization

However this is where Salesforce gets stuck at the RemoteAccessAuthorizationPage in the response.
seems like you are missing some parameters while making the call, not sure unless I see your actual code
I suppose you would have already gone through few posts, can you refer the below post and check your code with it?