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Passing parentId to child controller and vf page

Hi folks
I would like to clarify a confusion. I am trying to create a vf page with extension controller for a detail object B and later I want to embed this page on the page layout of object B. This object B is in master-detail relation with another object A. So for each record A, there are multiple B records.
 In the extension contrller, I will have a SOQl query to fetch some records of B which are all details of the record A which is in the current page.
   My question is how can I pass the Id of the current parent record to the extension so that I can use that in my query to fetch all the records of that master record A? So lets say if A has details n1,n2,n3, n4,etc and currently we are on n1 page I want to fetch all other detaills n2, n3, n4 and display themm on n1 page.
Hope that was clear.Please let me know if my question is not claer.
Thank you
I think ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id'); might not work because it will pass the id of the page which we are currently viewing, in my case it is detail record but I want to be able to query all the fiedls from detail but only for that particular parent(master).