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kumud thakur 20kumud thakur 20 

Heroku for Salesforce Data Archieve

Can we use single instance of Heroku for multiple salesforce orgs? I need to do data archival of more than one orgs of salesforce into heroku one instance?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Kumud Thakur,

Please find the solution below matching your requirement criteria.

Heroku Connect can sync data from different SFDC org's into a single Heroku Postgres database. Data from each org is held in a named, dedicated schema within Postgres.  One or more Heroku Connect instances may be required to perform the synch in this configuration.  

Heroku Connect can also write SFDC data from a single SFDC org into several different Heroku Postgres databases. A unique Heroku Connect instance is required for each SFDC org/ database pair when used in that configuration.

You can use a single Postgres database to sync different Salesforce org's by specifying a different schema name when you configure Connect. The default schema name is salesforce, but you could user org1, org2, … so you can select * from org1.contact and select * from org2.contact in the same database.

The current default configuration of Heroku Connect is one SFDC org per Heroku Connect instance. There is a multi-service option in limited availability. I can introduce you to Heroku Connect Product Management for details on this option.

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