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thomas Bosserthomas Bosser 

Update Lead using PHP toolkit

I need to update existing leads using soap php toolkit.
I can't get leads id, can I use external id ? 
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Thomas,

Please find the below details matching your requirement criteria.
  • You need to consume web service of Salesforce into ur PHP App.
  • Either partner or enterprise WSDL.
  • You will get it on salesforce account.
  • And get the read of Salesforce Web Service API Guide.
There is a PHP Toolkit that will help you to accelerate quickly: 

This is practically the de facto standard for accessing Salesforce through PHP. In fact, I believe that even the Drupal to Salesforce module uses it. Just drop it in place, include the scripts when you need to run them, and use the interfaces it provides.

See the samples section below: 
This includes plenty of samples with how to login, update records, etc.

For more information on updating existing leads using soap php toolkit by external ID please refer to the below link:

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