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Thomas DeselmsThomas Deselms 

Process Builder won't create a new record via Email to Salesforce

I am attempting to create a new record on a custom object called Notes__c when an Activity record is created via Email to Salesforce. I have posted the process builder I am using. This process works when editing an Activity but not on record creation. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi Thomas,

I often have problem with Process Builder. Often enough it works better using "formula evaluates to true" instead. In your case would look something like: 
BEGINS("Email", [Task].Subject)
But issue can also occur because your email record is in Activity History vs in Activities.
As a workaround you can create a custom button to get to the email screen that would update a field on the main record that you can then use as the trigger to create the record. Offcoarse the issue with that would be if they cancel out of the email and never actualy send it, it will still trigger your field update and the create record. Let me know if you are interested in this approach,  I will provide step-by-step with example.
Max WinklerMax Winkler
Thomas, were you able to resolve this? I am running into the same issue more or less. I am trying to beef up the built in Email to Salesforce feature by having Process Builder complete some of the additonal fields on the task (like Date Completed, Duration, Result) once it's been automatically dropped into the Activity History.