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Vanessa BerntsenVanessa Berntsen 

Where did my uploaded data go?

I uploaded a CSV file via the Leads Obeject. I got a notification/email that it was successful (no errors), all fields mapped correctly. But when I click on leads, nothing is listed there. 

The uploaded data isn't listed anywhere, its like it disappeared. I did this several times with the same result. Where did my data go?
Hi Vanessa,

Assuming the CSV file contained data and all was successful, issue must be with the way you are looking for them after the import. Check filters of the view or report you are using to find them, make sure there are none or they match the values of the leads in your CSV. Do you have full admin rights (view all data) in your org? Might be you don't have access to the records owned by the owner they were assigned to? Hope this helps :)
Onesh ReddyOnesh Reddy
Hi Vanessa,

Try to change the View of the Leads.
Please the below snapshot and change the Picklist value to Recently Created available at top right corner.
User-added image

Let me know if it helps you.