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Vinay BandaVinay Banda 

Not fetching record details

Hi All,
 I've created simple page to show contact basic info. When I used preview and it is opening in context of Contact but I used record id to see values of specific records. code not fetching any records.

URL: https://c.ap2.visual.force.com/apex/ContactView?core.apexpages.request.devconsole=0032800000WyJgW

<apex:page title="Contact" standardController="Contact">
    <apex:pageBlock title="Contact Summary">
            Name: {! Contact.FirstName } <br/>
            Phone: {! Contact.LastName } <br/>
            Email: {! Contact.owner.email } <br/>

Please let me know what could be the issue.
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Magesh Mani YadavMagesh Mani Yadav

Hi Vinay,

You need to pass "id" param with the 15/18 char record id in the URL like this

Hope your issue is resolved.