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Stephen DunhamStephen Dunham 

Newbie trying to find the Setup and Developer org.

Hello. Regarding SalesForce training for SalesForce Administrator certification, I have just started the TrailHead instruction. In my Setup or Developer org, I am not seeing the link button which allows me to create an app. I have looked at the help, but still don't see it. My context says BMC RemedyForce.

Am I doing something wrong, or could it be that my org instance is not properly enabled? What I see does not look like the Setup screen or Developer org in the video.

Thank you!
Ajay LAjay L
Do you see Setup on the top right hand side corner?
If you click setup, then left hand side, in the search box you can type "app", then you should see the Appa link under the 
            >> Apps

Go to Setup --> search  --> Company Information

and check your organization edition, it should be developer edition as per the screenshot attached.User-added image

If it is developer edition then under setup --> search -- > apps

and there you can create apps.