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Elavarasan BalasubramaniyanElavarasan Balasubramaniyan 

Visual Force Page Tags and Controllers

what is the difference between standard Controller and Custom Controller in accessing the Visual Force Page
Narveer SinghNarveer Singh
Hi Ela,

Below are the consideration point for Std. and Custom Controller :

Standard Controllers
Contains the same functionality and logic that are used for standardSalesforce pages. Can be used with standard objects and custom objects.
The standard controller is auto geenrated by SF for all objects.
Custom Controllers
Need finer control for how information is accessed for your page, you can write a custom controller or a controller extension using Apex. Only one Apex class is used.
Custom controllers are written by you and do what your code tells them to do.
Example :
For More Info you can refer below Link :



Hope this helps you!

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