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randheer practiserandheer practise 

Can Anyone help me with an Ex of Apex Class and its Testclass using test.loaddata.

As per documentation iam cleared but how to do in practical to a basic Apex class and its Testclass using test.loaddata method
Its urgent please helpme anyone

Thanks in Advance
hi randheer practise

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public class StaticResourceTest {

      static testmethod void staticResourceLoad(){
        //Load CSV file saved in static resource  
        List<SObject> lstAcc = Test.loadData(Account.sObjectType,'AccountLoad_Test');
        List<SObject> lstCon = Test.loadData(Contact.sObjectType,'ContactLoad_Test');
        //Confirm that total number of accounts created are 5
        System.assertEquals(lstAcc.size(), 5);
        for(Account a : [SELECT Id, Name, (SELECT FirstName,LastName FROM Contacts) FROM Account where Id IN :lstAcc]){
            //confirm that every Account has associated child contact
            System.assertNotEquals(null, a.contacts);
            //confirm that every Account has exactly 2 contacts
            System.assertEquals(a.contacts.size(), 2);

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