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Maneesha KandalaManeesha Kandala 

Security Specialist #Challenge 2

Can someone help me in resolving this error.User-added image
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Maneesha,

As part of this challenge you are required to configure the org with the following rules:
General Record-Level Security Requirements

Configure default access to records in your your org to:

Restrict access to opportunities to the people who own them (and their managers).
Inside Sales User Requirements

Inside sales users can view, create, and edit all accounts and opportunities (but not delete them)

What steps have you taken to meet the overal requirements listed in the screenshot?

The challenge details are listed here in the Superbadge detail page:

Best Regards,
Milly MarlaMilly Marla

I am unable to assign Samantha Cordero to "Field Sales User" profile. i tried multiple ways, from her user and then adding her as user under Field Sales profile. I cloned this (FS) profile from Standard User, ensured Oppurtunity is read, create, edit (and not delete), account is read and edit all. Been hours trying to fix, can anyone help?

Thank you so much for helping.
Milly MarlaMilly Marla
& this is related to Superbadge - Security Specialist #Challenge 2