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Valerie AssousValerie Assous 

Connect to my developer edition

i have several developer edition env but i want to use the one linked to my salesforce mail 
When i enter my credentials linked to my SF mail i can't launch the dev edition env
i have already opened a ticket through concierge a week ago but i have no feedback 
and that's the org where i have made all my current trailhead and where i want to move pon with trailhead and my certification training
Please can you help me ?
parth jollyparth jolly

Hi Valwerie

The username(in email format) is unique globally. U cannot get the same name twice. If it is already taken, you have to register with different name(you can register the unique name only once).

Try this link if you want to login to your old dev org - https://login.salesforce.com/secur/forgotpassword.jsp