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Nicholas FarandaNicholas Faranda 

Data Loader Start and end time field format for events object?

Tryign to mass create events with data loader but the start time field won't pass through my format?  On the events object the time and date field are seperate. 
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Nicholas Faranda,

Data Loader can have trouble importing changes to the "Date" and "Date Time" Data Type fields when your CSV file import doesn't use specific formatting or correspond with your org's time zone settings.

Please refer Salesforce help document for further information.

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Not really an answer so I'll ask again another way; it would seem like you cannot update a time field time within dataloader? It would have to be a date/time and thus you must change the format to date/time, but I get errors as well with this "type".