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How Batch process works during the Error.

I have been looking at other posts for my questions on how Apex batch works when there is an Error. Somehow I am not able to clear my self. I have couple of questions. Can someone please clarify.

1. Assume a batch process has 3 iterations processing 200 records each. The batch process is doing an insert and I am using Database.Insert with AllorNone parameter set to False. Assume there was an error during the second iteration while processing 101 record.I understand that all the records in the first iteration will be committed and also the 100 records in the second iteration. My question is will the batch process continue to process other records in the second iteration and also the third iteration.

2. Assume all the 3 iterations (execute method) completed without any error but some error occured in the Finish method. Finish method just sends an email. How does this work, considering that I am using Database.Insert and AllorNone parameter set to False. My understanding is that all the records will be committed to the database but user will not be receiving email that the batch was successfull or not. I am confused how this scenario will work in the real time.
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Alexander TsitsuraAlexander Tsitsura
Hello Mallik,

1. OK. The first execute method successfully processed records, and this records committed to the database.
The second execute method successfully processed too, because of the "Database.Insert" method without the AllOrNone parameter is not throwing an exception. This method returns the list of SaveResults records. It means that successfully inserted only 199 records(1 fail #101).
But if you use the insert method or the Database.insert with AllOrNone parameter the second execute method failed, and all inserted/updated records in the second "execute" method will be rollback. And exceptions did not stop process "execute" method; this means that after an exception in the second batch execute method; the third batch "execute" method will process.

2. You are right. The start, execute and finish methods process in an asynchronous mode, and if the finish method failed, no an email message received. After each successfully processed "execute" methods, all records will have to be committed to the database.