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Prabhat Gangwar007Prabhat Gangwar007 

how to Get number of total used \remaining API calls for ORG in APEX ?

I  want dispaly into visualforce page 

how to Get number of total used \remaining API calls for ORG in APEX  , bifurcate each API call


Soap API : 20 used , 10 Remain

Rest API : 10 Used , 10 Remain 

how ?


UC InnovationUC Innovation
Hi Vipin,

Look into the limit apex class. I believe what you're looking for is getCallouts() and getLimitCallouts().


Here's some additional documentation regarding API callout limits:


Hope this helps!
Prabhat Gangwar007Prabhat Gangwar007

Thanks !

I used getCallouts() method of limit class but it was not filling me actual requirment , it was giving only Total callout .

UC InnovationUC Innovation
Hi Vipin,

Your other requirement is to get the remaining calls left right? Just use getLimitCallouts() for that.

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UC InnovationUC Innovation
I'm not sure if it's possible to differentiate the type of callout, at least not with the Limit class. Anyway, I don't think there's a need to differentiate whether it is a SOAP or REST api call, the salesforce limit only cares about how many total API calls there are, regardless of the type of API call.