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data loader loads the required field as blank

When i Load data using data loader, it accepts blank values for required field. How to avoid blank values being loaded for required fields ?

The phone field is a standard field of Lead . this field is marked as required in Page Lay out but not on the field level i guess. Will this be the reason for this ?
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Hi Sujatha,

The page layout is completely seperate from data load. You will need to set the field to required on the field level. This ensures that no blanks be accepted.

Hope this helps!

You have to make the field required either at field level or using a validation rule.

Hi - When i try to Data load with the following fields Company, Lastname, firstname , Phone, email and owner. If the values are blank, it errors out for company, lastname stating missing values but not for Phone. All these fields are standard fields and do not have validation rule set. My question is if standard fields are not universally required, How come it errors out for company,lastname but not for Phone.
Company and Last Name are required at field level to create a lead. You can check it by editing the page layout and you will see that these fields are marked required on the layout and the option to unmark it is greyed out.