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Maggie LongshoreMaggie Longshore 

Changeset uploads between sandbox orgs has gotten slow

In the past 2 months whenever I deploy a changeset from one sandbox to another it seems to stall and takes over 2 hours for the inbound changeset to arrive.  I am used to it taking maybe 5 or 10 minutes, but when it gets over an hour it makes development hard.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Is there anything that could be going on in my org that would cause it to sit and wait before attempting to upload the set?

In the past when I get the email that the change set was successful, then the name of the changeset shows up on the inbound org; it does not have the metadata yet but that usually takes a bit.

Currently the changeset name is not even showing up in the inbound org for hours after I get the email.
It takes more time when there are more components in the change set but that would be 15-20 minutes at max. I would log a case with Salesforce Support. 
Maggie LongshoreMaggie Longshore
Thanks, I have already logged a case. I was trying to see if others are seeing this behavior.