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Sameera GaidhaneSameera Gaidhane 

Child record creation link on Account standard detail page.


I have a requirment:
Parent P(STD obj) – lookup relationship - Child C(Custom obj)
If C has no records then show C  creation link
Else show ‘Send an Email’ link (Link : Go to - Activity related list – Send an Email button )

*Else part working fine.

I am unable to control the visiblity of the child creation link when no child record present.

Nirmal ChristopherNirmal Christopher
If you are doing this in a visualforce page can you post the whole code ?
Sameera GaidhaneSameera Gaidhane
I am not using VF.
Nirmal ChristopherNirmal Christopher
I assume you use trigger or workflows do do a URL field update in a standard page layout. Incase if you are using triggers the whole if else conditions should work fine. Since you will check if the child object size()>0 update the URL field else update send email link the whole logic should work based on my assumption. Try debugging or tell me if you are getting error of some kind.