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Formula for multiple OR conditions for Workflow Rule

Hi - I have a need for a formula with multiple OR conditions in a Workflow rule

For example,
IF (Preferred_Language__c does NOT equal English, or Spanish, or French, or Mandarin 
(update field called Let_Template to English)

Thank you.
Lalit Karamchandani 27Lalit Karamchandani 27
Hi Stephen02
Try this
OR( TEXT(Field1) = "Yes", TEXT(Field2) = "Yes", TEXT(Field3) = "Yes", TEXT(Field4) = "Yes", TEXT(Field5) = "Yes", TEXT(Field6) = "Yes", TEXT(Field7) = "Yes", TEXT(Field8) = "Yes", TEXT(Field9) = "Yes", TEXT(Field10) = "Yes" )
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
You could use this:
CASE(Preferred_Language__c, "English", PRIORALUE(Let_Template__c),
                            "Spanish", PRIORALUE(Let_Template__c),
                            "French", PRIORALUE(Let_Template__c),
                            "Mandarin", PRIORALUE(Let_Template__c),
Using “NOT” could be your friend here:
IF ( NOT ( OR ( Preferred_Language__c = "English",
                Preferred_Language__c = "Spanish",
                Preferred_Language__c = "French",
                Preferred_Language__c = "Mandarin"

In this example, I am assuming that Preferred_Language__c is a text field. If it is a picklist, rewrite the conditions within the OR group using ISPICKVAL or TEXT.

Hope this helps.