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Shelley Holloway 10Shelley Holloway 10 

Trying to create a validation rule to require a picklist field for a specific user profile

This is the formula I am using for 2 profiles.  The Partner response field must be filled out beforfe saving a lead record for these 2 profiles only.
IF($Profile.Name = 'Reseller Partner Community User', false, 
IF($Profile.Name = 'Distributor Partner Community User', false, 
    CONTAINS(ISPICKVAL(Partner_Response__c, "","No Response")
		$Profile.Name = 'Reseller Partner Community User',
		$Profile.Name = 'Distributor Partner Community User'

Try that.
Shelley Holloway 10Shelley Holloway 10
Thanks! Partner Response is a picklist so i took out ISBLANK and replaced with ISPICKVAL. But I need to include the blank value as well
Jonathan WrenJonathan Wren
I am trying to create a validation rule. This rule would only pertain to certain profile title's "HVAC Installer" making the field mandatory for them to complete in order to save. This is a picklist field with only "Yes" and "No" as options. Here is what I have so far. Please let me know where I am going wrong.

($User.Title = "HVAC INSTALLER",
 ISPICKVAL( Is_this_a_heat_pump__c , "YES"))

Thanks In Advance,
Jonathan Wren