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Rakesh S 27Rakesh S 27 

Exceeded Data Storage Limit in Salesforce

I have an issue with "Exceeded Data Storage" limit in one of the orgs. 

Possible Solutions:
  •  Buy additional data storage space from Salesforce. 
  •  Delete the unwanted data and archive the remaining  data of specific time period based on business needs. This arcihval done on an external system/database should enable me to access the archived data through Salesforce whenver I want to
My questions:
  • What are the best ways to do this data archival process which will involve two way data integration, data flow from Salesforce to an external database and access of the same data through Salesforce (data retreival)
  • Which database/external system would fit for this functionality? 
  • Had there been any implementation done by anyone on this?
Dushyant SonwarDushyant Sonwar

Hi Rakesh,

You can store data in Salesforce external objects.This does not count as data storage of salesforce.
You can go through below url to have a start



Hope this helps.

Dushyant SonwarDushyant Sonwar
You can also archive your data using data loader.
Rakesh S 27Rakesh S 27
Thanks for this..!!

But I am looking out for some real life examples where data archiving and data retrieval was done using external database/system. 

Are there any such implementation done by anyone?