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Adding List View ability to Opportunity Products Search Page Layout?

On the Opportunity Products Search Page, where you can select multiple products for an Opportunity, I see that there are possible filter criteria to limit the list of products you can choose, down to any specified criteria.  However, it would appear that our Sales team doesn't have time to input filter criteria so they can easily find what they want.  Instead they continually choose the wrong products and have to make corrections later...wasting a lot of time.  My question is two fold...
  1. Can a List View drop down be added like we have on other standard objects...i.e. Accounts, Cases, etc?  This way we can preset the filters for each view and they would then go and choose the appropriate products for each view.
  2. Can a VFP be easily set up that would show multiple sections for choosing products, filtered by product type?  i.e. first section would be filtered to only show "Drills", second would be "Saws", etc...etc...  Then Sales could go to each section, choose what they would like and then "Select" at the top to add in the quantities like normal.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if I'm posting in the wrong forum please let me know where this should be.