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Srinivasa Rao Balle 1Srinivasa Rao Balle 1 

how to share knowledge article in public site using salesforce knowledge one wizard.


i created a public site in sfdc and enable to knowledge one in the profiles and also i check share articles public option in profile.

Wehn i  am in service cloud console in the articles sidebar i can see the optoin of send articles public site, when i clicked on it is sending email with the link, but i am not able to open that link. it is shwoing force.com securtiy authorization required. Can any one please help me how to share the knowlede through public site..

any help is appreciated.

Hi Srinivas,

(If you have not already done it) You have to provide necessary access for the given article type to Site Guest User profile of the respective public site. Here are the steps, please try and check if you still face the authorization issue.

1. Go to Setup> Develop > Sites
2. Clieck on the Site Label and then, naviagate to 'Public Access Settings' page
User-added image

3. Then in the profile screen, navigate to the appropriate knowledge article type and enable 'Read' access

User-added image

4. Also, allow read access for the custom fields (if you have added any and want to show to public users)
5. Save and Test.