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Tony BoydTony Boyd 

copying fields into a task

I have a custom object called "Accounts."  When an account is created, it kicks off a task.  I want to copy some fields from the account into the task.  I have tried two approaches, and failed.  I need help.

Approach 1: Setup -> Customize -> Activities -> Activity Custom Fields.  Create New Field, select text, try to enter formula pointing to Account object's field.  I get an error: "Field does not exist."

Approach 2: Setup -> Create -> Workflow -> Field Updates.  Use "formula" to set up new value, but get same error: "Field does not exist."

How can I connect my custom Accounts object to tasks I create?  I'm sure it's obvious and I'm just missing something....
Hello Tony,

Do you already have a set up for Creating task when an Account is Created ?

If not - you will have to implement a trigger to achieve this.

Also did you check all required(meaning - the target fields) fields on Task created on Object ?

Tony BoydTony Boyd
Yes, I have a set up for creating a task when an Account is created.  Yes, I checked all required target fields on Task.  Thanks for any help you can give!
Sonja RiegerSonja Rieger
Hi Tony,
if I understand it right, your custom object is named "Accounts". But you are telling about an account that is created. So maybe you mix it up in the formulas as well. Does the formula look like Accounts.Fieldname or did you write Account.Fieldname)?
Account.Fieldname looks for the field on the account standard object and can't find it.
If this doesn't help - could you post the code for the task creation?