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Matthew BracewellMatthew Bracewell 

Having a master list that rolls down to 3 separate lists linked to separate objects

Hi All,

I currently have a list of 50 people who work as drivers within my company. We see a high turnover in this area and i am often changing the list,

This list is held against the following Objects - Lead, Opportunity, Case

at the moment every time a driver starts or leaves i have to update 3 lists - is there a way to have 1 list that is a master and populates the 3 others?
Dear Matthew,

There is a concept of "Global Picklist" (still in beta phase), you can use it for requirement.

Step1: Create a 'Global Picklist'  from => Setup-> Create->Picklists
Step2: Create picklist fields in the corresponding module (in your case Lead, Opportunity, Case) and use the one created in Step first as option.
Let me know if this helps. In case needed I can share the screenshot of the pages.

Thanks and regards