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Does the TimeZone matters while converting Lead in SF ?


I have a situation where I got to convert leads as different timezone users (from various locations).

While converting a lead , have encountered an issue "Invalid date: 05/20/2016".
This exception error occured for an Australian User with Sydney Time Zone in SF set to his User record.

Would like to know if the timezone matters in this or not ?

I already have gone through the link : https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=opp_fields.htm&language=en

Where the Close Date field section says this 
Close Date :-	Date when you plan to close the opportunity. You can enter a date, or choose a date from the calendar that displays when you put your cursor in the field.
Opportunities with a Close Date in a given month will tally in the forecast for that month, unless you assign them to the Omitted category while editing the forecast.
When you set an open opportunity's Stage to a type of “Closed/Won,” the Close Date is set to the current date in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). At certain times of day, UTC will differ by one day from your time zone.

What is the good way to handle this or get rid of this , if timezone is one of the factors causing this ?