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André BartieresAndré Bartieres 

How to disable a field of a standard object?

Good afternoon,

I need help on how to disable a field of a standard screen that is not VisualForce. The action is conditional disable by default the field is enabled but I need to disable it in some conditions, it is the object Case Status field.

It is possible? if so, how?

Thank you.
Dinesh Suggala 8Dinesh Suggala 8
Hi Andre,

Disable u mean to make it as Read-Only.Can you elaborate fully on what condition you want to make field Disable.

Thanks & Regards
Dinesh Suggala 8Dinesh Suggala 8
Make two Record -two types ."A" record Type->"A page layout"(Keep that field available) & "B" Record-Type ->"B Page Layout"(Keep that field Read-Only).Depending on the condition write a workflow rule ,do Field Update (Update the Record Type to B).Now based on the condition it will update the Record Type B which is having "B PageLayout" which will have the field as Read-Only or disabled.