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Nagesh B 13Nagesh B 13 

wanna show alert popup with warning msg on Custom VF ddoing some logic in the Apex Method.

Hi All,

I have below requirement. please anyone help to achieve this.

i have one Custom VF, where it is having custom save action. The Save Method performing some logic and it is having return type as PageReference. so it is redirecting to detail page of the record. My Requirement is , i need to show alert pop up warning msg on the VF after click on save, then on the pop when i say Ok it should save the record and it should redirect to the detail page, when i say cancel, then it should return to previous page. the Save button using action method. it was existed code. i have tried with Onclick, Oncomplete jeff douglas examle code, but the problem is it is displaying the alert for fraction of seconds then automatically redireting to the detail page without any user interaction on the popup. please help me is any work around. i need to display alert popup only when checking some logic in the save method only. it is very helpful to me.