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Deepika GulatiDeepika Gulati 

Salesforce - MSD Integration issues

Hi All,

We are trying to access a SOAP WS exposed on Microsoft Dynamics by the client. The WSDL that they shared does not have any login method nor any parameters to set the username and password. But upon accessing the end point URL on the browser it asks for credentials and we are able to authenticate based on the given values.  

But when we are trying to call the WS from SOAP as well as SFDC but getting  authentication error. 

For SOAP client we are getting the following error : 
Tue May 24 17:03:54 IST 2016:INFO: requires authentication with the realm 'null'
Tue May 24 17:03:54 IST 2016:DEBUG:Found credentials
Tue May 24 17:03:54 IST 2016:DEBUG:Attempt 2 to execute request
Tue May 24 17:03:54 IST 2016:DEBUG:Sending request: POST /WSUrl
Tue May 24 17:03:54 IST 2016:DEBUG:Receiving response: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Tue May 24 17:03:54 IST 2016:DEBUG:Connection can be kept alive indefinitely
Tue May 24 17:03:54 IST 2016:DEBUG:Target requested authentication

While on accessing the service through SFDC, following is the error that we are getting : 
IO Exception : External server did not return any content. 

Also when we tried accessing the same service through .Net application, we were able to hit the server and POST the data. 
The .Net application is using the following code to set the credentails which we are not able to do in SFDC
objCustlistS.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("username", "password", "domain");

Could somebody help us in solving this MSD - SFDC integration. 
Is there something we should add in header to make a request equivalent to System.Net.NetCredential of .Net. 

Or there is some specific SFDC adapaters to enable Integration. 

Thanks in advance