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Dependant Picklist and Text Field

I am working on a requirement where I have field LeadState__c (Picklist )and if that is set to Reject then the LeadRejReason__c (PickList) should be picked form the values and RejComments__c (Text) should be added

As of now I have Reason but how do I add the comments to it? so that the user adds the comments 


You can write 2 validations:
1. For making LeadRejReason Required if LeadState = Reject
AND( ISPICKVAL(LeadState__c, "Reject"),  ISPICKVAL(LeadRejReason__c, "")

2. For making RejComments Required if LeadState = Reject
AND ( ISPICKVAL( LeadState__c, "Reject"), LEN (RejComments__c ) = 0)

Let me know if this helps