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Mark MendelMark Mendel 

Change Contact stage through API

Hi All;
I send a API call to a property base to change a field value of 'contact stage' to "EOI" .

Format :
{"prospect":{"token":"ffeba18d8aac8b5f2256f519fe063ff26443e311","contact":{"FirstName":"first name1","LastName":"LAST NAME","Email":"dumithu5@yahoo.com","MobilePhone":"7760304431","LeadSource":"WEB - IBN","Stage__c":"EOI","Postcode__c":"state","Buyer_Type__c":"First Home Buyer","State__c":"state 2"},"request":{"Description__c":"EOI\r\nReference code : Lt2uHTGK0wg, Comment : no comment","pba__City_pb__c":"ASFSEFSDFSDF SEF , suburb , state 2","Page_URL__c":"http://ibuynew.staging2-sl.netstarter.com.au/eoi/test3"}}}

When a new lead is sumitted to propertybase , new lead's  'contact stage' set to "EOI".
Some times, for new leads,  contact stage is set as "New Lead" automatically after API calls,  which is wrong

Can you help me  to find out the solution why 'contact stage' change time to time ? 

Lucian Mihai CiobanuLucian Mihai Ciobanu
There may be some other process in place than changes the field, like workflows, triggers, process builders, approval processes.
Look into your org at each of these categories and verify if there is something that can change the field.
Mark MendelMark Mendel
Thank you for you reply. It helped to solve our problem.