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Streaming API Stability

We have an urgent situation at work where we need to replace our existing WebMethods adapter that uses Salesforce "Replication API".  The Replication API is unstable (per Salesforce) and Salesforce suggested we use the Streaming API instead. This WebMethods Adapter polls the Replication API and is supposed to return only new changes since the last time it was polled (every 5 minutes). However, the "last" Polling datetime gets stuck up to 48 hours behind - this causes an excessive amount of records to be sent to the 3rd party webservice. Instead of sending only the last 5 minutes of changes (10 to 50 records) it is sending thousands of records for the last two days
Streaming API uses Push Topics to send notifications of new records and updates. 

Our Development team is leery of using another Salesforce API because of the bad experience we had with the Replication API. The other option for us is to use a Webservice that SOQL polls the Objects we need and sends it to another external Webservice. Can anyone share their experience with the Streaming API to know if it is stable?

I have to make a recommendation to the team this week. Anything you can share would be appreciated. 
Streaming api have tramndous advantages but also have below limitations: 
like it has push topic and client per topic in org. and also there is number of events per day.
in detail please visit 

so here you can review id it is stable/fit for your scenario.