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anuj huriaanuj huria 

instagram Integration

Hi Guys,
I was integrating Instagram  with Salesforce,and getting access_tokek in url like this


i dont know how to get the access token attached with'#'

Anuj - I was able to get connected to Instagram a few years ago - and was able to retrieve a list of posts.  But - not quite sure what you're meaning by "attached with #"?  Do you have some code that you could share?  Might make more sense.
Prasad TangilaPrasad Tangila
Hi Jeffrey,

Could you please provide some url link about how to get the Instagram likes,posts etc using apex code..

James Ch 6James Ch 6
This is social media related website Instamods (https://instamods.net). You can get information about how to integrate Instagram to others, and also download GB Instagram, OG Instagram, Insta Ultra etc. Thanks