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Can this be done?


We are developing a system which generates quotes and the sales rep can send them to their clients, We are also selling our products to this company apart from selling the system

The requirement here is the sales rep should be able to upload the third party products in to the system and we should not be able to see them (Even though we are admins as we might look at competitions products)

In short the question is can we avoid admins to see this data?
Dhruv Gour 14Dhruv Gour 14
Yes , you can remove "view all" permission from object "Third Party Project" for system admin profile

or you should explain your question so We can help out you
Hi Dhruv Thanks for replying I want to let the users upload the products and no one should be able to see that information including the system admin or any one else Can this be done? They will upload with excel(X-Author) or some other tool