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Rahul SherikarRahul Sherikar 

Displaying help text of all fields of a custom object in visual force page


Consider an custom object as obj1 and it has 20 custom fields as field1...field20. 10 fields of this object has help text and we need to display help text of all 10 fields, so instead of displaying help text of each field seperately is there any way to diaplay the help text of all fields at a time.
veda Hebbarveda Hebbar
Hi Rahul,

May be you can do using below approch:
In vf page controller you can create a string variable which you'll display in vf page. In that string store all the help text you want and use it in vf page.
public String Field_Name=SObject.Field1__c..getDescribe().getInlineHelpText() +','+SObject.Field2__c..getDescribe().getInlineHelpText();
<apex:inputText value={!Field_Name} />

Please check,