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Maggie LongshoreMaggie Longshore 

custom tab styling lost when VF displays in Lightning

I have an existing VF page that has a custom tab and also inline styles that give it style when shown in classic SF.
When this page is launched from the app list in Lightning is is rendered without the custom tab style - the page block headers are shown as black.  As the text is also black it is unusable.

Is there something I can do in my VF page so that is uses the custom defined tab when it displays in lightning?
Vivek DVivek D
Make the inline style for the tab as important. For example
   background-color: #F02SS !important

Maggie LongshoreMaggie Longshore
I have:
<apex:page controller="MyController" tabStyle="My__tab">
<apex:outputPanel style="font-size: larger;">
           <apex:commandLink style="{!IF(condition check elided ,'color:darkred;','color: black;')}"

I do not want to use black as the text color if the background is black and not the green as in my custom tab but I am not sure what to do.