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Mike SummittMike Summitt 

Related list using external ID.

Is there a "codeless" way to create a related list using an external ID column rather than the SFID and standard lookup?

Example: I have an object rateplan which is regularly replicated into SF from an external source, and its SFIDs change every time this is done, becuase it deletes and re-adds each record.  The rateplan object also has a UPC column in it, defined as an external ID.  I have another object specialorder, which also has a column named UPC, but it's just a plain value column with size and type the same as the external ID in rateplan.  On the rateplan page, I want to put a related list of specialorders.

My first choice would be to do this declaratively, with no code, second choice would be to create a class/controller for just the related list, and have it appear among the other related lists in the page designer.  Last choice would be to have to rewrite the entire master page.

Veenesh VikramVeenesh Vikram
Hi Mike,

Im Afraid but there is no "Codeless" way to achieve the same. You will have to look for other options like Creating a custom Related List using Visualforce.

Best Regards
Mike SummittMike Summitt
Thanks, Veenesh.  Have you seen any examples of the controller code?  I've created some embedded pages before, but I don't know how to get them to appear in the related list section of the page designer.
Veenesh VikramVeenesh Vikram
Hi Mike!

You can embed your VF page inside of the record detail on the page layout. You can make it look like a related list but it won't actually fall below the detail section.

Refer: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?id=000003207