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Marzia La GangaMarzia La Ganga 

Administrator certification

I would like to get the Administrator certification, can be Salesforce Trailhead the correct way to pass the exam?

Always ThinkinAlways Thinkin
Hi Marzia,
Yes! Trailhead is the best (free) way to prepare for the Admin certifications. You can also enroll in training classes through Salesforce University, but to get the most out of the classes, you would be best off completing many Trailhead modules so that you can really take advantage of having a chance to ask questions face-to-face with the instructor. The Study Guide (http://certification.salesforce.com/SG_CertifiedAdministrator.pdf?v=27) is a must-read because it clearly outlines the types of skills you must understand and accurately reflects the percentages of each topic that will be presented on the tests.

Good luck and happy trails!
Trailhead helps us to learn salesforce easily with the real time example but it's not focused for the salesforce certification syllabus. For certification preparation, I will recommend you to cover the study guide in the certification site.
Marzia La GangaMarzia La Ganga
Thanks, but "the study guide" is only a guide for the exam. Do you suggest me where I can study to get the exam? Which is the best way to get the exam? Thanks :))
Always ThinkinAlways Thinkin
Hi Marzia,
The Study Guide is good to tell you what to study but you're right, to properly prepare for it you can start with Trailhead and pick modules that match those topics in the Study Guide. For those that are not yet in Trailhead, you can turn to the Help & Training resources which offer many video tutorials and tons of documentation. Salesforce University also offers the very specific Preparing for your Salesforce Adminstrator Certification (https://help.salesforce.com/HTTrainingCourseDetail?id=a2330000000PfQK) course at a reasonable price. You can also check the Success Community for study groups like this one: https://success.salesforce.com/_ui/core/chatter/groups/GroupProfilePage?g=0F9300000001pLJ
Marzia La GangaMarzia La Ganga
I will try to prepare the administrator exam through Salesforce Trailhead and the study guide. I hope will be enough!!
Try to join local user group and sometime ago I have seen "Study Group running by some MVP" not sure exact place. They have good passing rate and good way to prepare for cert exam
Marzia La GangaMarzia La Ganga
Thanks to everybody! I discovered that there isn't for example an only complete pdf to prepare the exam, but there are a lot of different sources where i can study different topics (following the study guide of course). is it correct? do you suggest me the best source? becouse I found a lot of materials and I'm really confused...
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