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Yashar SGJYashar SGJ 

Approval Assignment Email Template

Hello, I wanted to create a Approval Assignment Email Template that I wanted to integrate for my Workflow.

I have never done anything like this before, I would appreciate any kind of template or advice.

Thanks in advance :)
Veenesh VikramVeenesh Vikram
Hi Yashar,

You can Create a Simple Text Email Template in salesforce for starters.

1. Go to Setup --> Email Templates
2. Click New Template.
3. Choose the Text template type, and click Next.
4. Choose a folder in which to store the template.
5. To make the template available for use, select the Available For Use checkbox.
6. Enter a name in Email Template Name.
7. If necessary, change the Template Unique Name. This unique name refers to the component when you use the Force.com API. 
8. If desired, choose a different character set from the Encoding drop-down list.
9. Enter a Description for the template. Both template name and the description are for your internal use only.
10. Enter a Subject for the message.
11. Enter the text of the message.
12. If desired, enter merge fields in the template subject and text body. When you send an email, these fields are replaced with information from     your records.
13. Click Save

Best Regards