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Randy RoseRandy Rose 

Migration Tool Security

We plan on having a 3rd party vendor doing some production deployments for us.  However, we don't want to provide username/password to our production enviroment at this time.

We're thinking we could have them use Force.com Migration Tool and provide an access token (oauth).  I'm assuming we would create a connected app/access token for this?  If so wouldn't the access token expire fairly quickly which would mean we would have to constantly create access tokens.  Or is there another access token I would create for this so it doesn't expire?

Or is there another option instead of using access token or another approach?  Bascially, we would like this team deploy to prodcution (visualforce pages, apex classess, etc.) but don't want to provide them username/password at this time.

Jerun JoseJerun Jose
Subscribing to this question. Have you considered creating a new user account that is API Only enabled? That way you can share username/password of this new account and they wouldnt be able to login through the browser. If needed, you could create a new profile which further restricts their permissions and only gives what is needed for making deployments.