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Pavan Kumar 790Pavan Kumar 790 

Should I got for Junction object or Lookup

I have Client and Candidate Objects seprately. Created a Job Obejct with lookup to Client. I need to create 
1. Application Obejct as Junction with many o many for Job & Candidate 
2.I need to track interview as well, its a one-one mapping for Job, Candidate or can be lined to Application Object.
  Should I create another Junction object for Inerview (Job & Candidate)?
    Interview is for a particular Application Object so can I have Interview object looking up for existing Application (Juncion Object) 
3. If interview is success , I need another Onboarding object . Its for Client Object and Interview /Candidate . Do I need another object or merge with Interview/Assignemnt based on result field.

What is best approch for data modelling. Are there any examples and guidlines I cna look for ?
Jerun JoseJerun Jose
An interview will almost always be for a specific application; and the application is already linked to the candidate and job, so no need to link them again at the interview object. This means you can use a lookup/MD relationship between interview and application.

These objects seem familiar to the recruiting application that Salesforce provides as part of their Force.com fundamentals book. You can look at those for reference.

The data model diagram of that solution is available at: