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Chandrasekhar Reddy 5Chandrasekhar Reddy 5 

Expected output?

I have below controller:
public class MyController {
public string cString { get; set;}

public string getStringMethod1(){
return cString;

public string getStringMethod2(){
if(cString == null)
cString = 'Method2';
return cString;
<apex:page controller="MyController">
{!cString}, {!StringMethod1}, {!StringMethod2}, {!cString}
Actual Output:
, , Method2,

But I am expecting output : , , Method2,Method2

Why so? Why is cString value not retained though it is being set in getStringMethod2 method?

You have to reRender page to get the updated value.
Jerun JoseJerun Jose
Hi Chandra,

Have a look at the order of execution for VF pages.

The page expressions are evaluated and the values are returned using the get method

In your case, when the VF engine goes through the page.
1. {!cString} - at this point value is null - so print null.
2. {!StringMethod1} - still value is null - print null
3. {!StringMethod2} - in this getter method, the value of cstring is set to "Method2", so print "Method2".
4. {!cString} - now the value is "Method2" as it was set in step3, so print "Method3".

I can see that you are just experimenting here, but I would recommend to set the values of your variables during the page initialize using a constructor.
Chandrasekhar Reddy 5Chandrasekhar Reddy 5
Hi Jerun,

Thanks for your reply. I am not sure what is 'Method3' in your reply. My hunch is that it is a typo error. I thought the same way as you explained.

But the actual output is not
, , Method2,Method2
It prints the output
, , Method2,
Per your explanation, you are also expecting the output as I am
, , Method2,Method2
My question is,  how is getting printed , , Method2, instead of , , Method2,Method2      ?
cString was already set a null when the page was loaded so if you are changing its value then you need to reRender it to fetch the updated value. Try putting the variable inside a outputtext or outputpanel and then reRender it using a button click you will see the updated value 
Basu, SaikatBasu, Saikat

i know its late, but this may help other readers.