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Alejandro Valdes OliveraAlejandro Valdes Olivera 

Merge three orgs

Hello all, 

I hope that you can give me some tips, tricks or recommendations, I´m 2 weeks from merging three orgs from a customer into one.

I think that it´s easy even if they have custom objects, I just can decide if I do it like this:

Option A: Metadata retrieve all the Information (Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Custom Objects, etc..) from each one into a Test Environment and from there merge the accounts and start cleaning the information.
NOTE: I´m just an admin learning my way into Development, NO CODE background, learning as I post about Javascript, Apex, HTML, etc..

Option B: Salesforce Connect - Share the data and clean all the information manually! I think this will take more time but for my level of knowledge is a safe way of doing it.

Option C: The old export/import information to csv and validate the information there and then set it in the global org. 

Any help is great!

Hey Alejandro,

We have recently released an app called Cloud Explorer for Salesforce which allows for drag and drop of data between Salesforce Orgs. Migrating data is always a pain, but with Cloud Explorer, you can copy records along with their parents and/or related list records in a single drag and drop. I think this would help you tremendously in your attempt to merge your orgs into one.

You can see a demo of how it works here:

To try the app out, please go to here: