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Souvik Kundu 3Souvik Kundu 3 

Custom Search in Sidebar and show result at the right wide pane.

I added a custom search at the left sidebar of Salesforce by using Visualfore Area Component. It appears like:

User-added image

 My "Go" button at here is a <apex:commandButton> and it calls a controller method. So the problem is, when I click the "Go" button, how can I open a page at right wide pane, just like the standard Salesforce search "Go"?
Souvik Kundu 3Souvik Kundu 3
I have used
<apex:commandButton id="gsearch" value="Go" action="{!search}" onclick="parent.location.href ='/apex/SearchResults'"/>
but it is opening the vf page blank thogh the controller method is doing proper search.