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Richard Clarke - Artisan ConsultingRichard Clarke - Artisan Consulting 

Missing Trailhead badges from Community Profile

I have 75 badges and have linked my profile via edit/work & experience to Trailhead using the same email address as I have in my Trailhead account and in the developer edition org I use for challenges.  When I entered the email I got a confirmation code.  But when I click the "View badges" link it reports no items to display and "Missing Trailhead badges? Contact the Trailhead Team for Help".  Can someone help sort this out?


Richard Clarke - Artisan ConsultingRichard Clarke - Artisan Consulting
Actually I've worked it out (or at least worked around it).  My Trailhead account started with a different email address.  Even though the Trailhead profile shows an updated email address everywhere I had to use the old email address to get the linking to work.