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Mike FuchsMike Fuchs 

Force.com Migration Tool Migrating Permission Set With Managed Components

Hi everyone - I'm new to the Force.com Migration Tool (Ant), but I beleive this scenario is possible, just need some guidance on how to do it.  Both the Source Org and my Target Org have the same managed package.  Souce org has an unmangaed permission set that grants access to managed package objects and fields.  I want to deploy this unmanaged permission set to the Target org (again the target org already has the managed package installed in it - with all it's fields and objects).  How can I get the Force.com Migration tool to deploy it - I beleive I need to retreive the managed package somehow the same time I retrieve the unmanaged permission set.  Right now I can only get the Permissoin set to deploy empty..  Thanks for your help!