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Suresh PalukuruSuresh Palukuru 

What level of knowledge is required to get 401 developer certification

I have enared all badges "Developer Beginner" and planing for intermidate developer topices/badges also.
Mean while I'm just thinking to take 401 developer cerification exam.

Can someboady please guide me on that, is my developer beginner badges/topic knowledge would enough to attampt the exam or do I need to complete Intermidiate developer topics also before the exam.

Note, the "http://certification.salesforce.com/developers" website has sample question and saying that the topics covered in developer beginner would enough but I need some expert guidence before I make move.

I'm not sure you can still apply to DEV 401 exam. There is a new Developper Cerfication which is more focused on dev part.
However Developer beginner is not sufficent for DEV 401 as it also requires some Admin knowledge.