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Nicholas PalattaoNicholas Palattao 

How to mass update 'Last Modified By' on all apex records

I recently inherited my position as the only salesforce admin/developer at my company. I understand that whenever my user is listed as the 'Last Modified By' on an apex class, apex trigger, workflow or otherwise, I will receive emails detailing any error what class/trigger/process caused the error - as well and by whom, what time, etc. This information is extremely useful for the purposes of cleaning up our system, but too often I find myself unable to fully address an error because I do not receive these emails and the user under 'Last Modified By' is either an ex-employee or outside contractor from long ago. I'm wondering if there is a relatively quick and simple way to mass update all apex triggers/classes so that my user becomes 'Last Modified By'. That way I will be able to clearly understand and address all the problems that may come up throughout the system.
Hi Nicholas,

Currently there is not shortcut to it. But still you can use IDE i.e. eclipse or similar to update classes / trigger / vf pages easily. 

Hope this will help you.