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Angela Toedtman 6Angela Toedtman 6 

How can I update an Owner Field (custom Lookup) on the Contact to reflect the Owner Field (custom Lookup) on the Account?

We have a LeadGen Owner on the Account and the Contact objects.  I want the LeadGen Owner on the Contacts to always reflect the LeadGen owner on the Account.  Both custom lookup fields.  I don't believe this can be completed via formula or workflow due to the restraints on Lookup fields.  Any help with the code would be GREATLY appreciated!!  TIA
James LoghryJames Loghry
Hi Angela,  this can be accomplished through a Process, actually.
  1. Create a process on the Contact object (e.g. when the contact is created), and use a Update Record action to update the current record, setting the Owner field to a reference of the Account's owner field.
  2. If you want to keep the owner in sync when an Account's owner is changed and trickle the change down to the Contact record, then create another process on Account that's fired when the account is edited.
  3. The criteria for the second process should look for a change in Account ownership.
  4. Use the Update Record action to perform an update on Related Records / Contacts.
Alternatively, why not just bring it down through a formula field, rather than maintaining the Owner on both the Account and Contact?
Angela Toedtman 6Angela Toedtman 6
Thanks James!!  Very helpful!